With all the options out there, how do you know which gluten-free bread is the best? Better yet, if you're living with a dairy intolerance too - how do you know what bread is dairy-free also? I've got you covered with these top 7 gluten-free dairy-free bread recommendations!

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One of the things that I get asked the most by women going gluten-free and dairy-free are, “What kinds of breads can I eat on this diet?”

This is a really good question, because when you go gluten-free, one of the first things you think is, “what kind of bread can I eat?” And that feeling of overwhelm sets in, because you’ve probably heard so many times, over and over, that gluten-free bread tastes terrible. Either it tastes like cardboard, or it falls apart…

You may think, “Well, are there really any options for me?”

But to add on to that, to also be going dairy-free, and there are even more limitations.

I want to share with you, in today’s post, seven gluten-free dairy-free breads that you can eat safely on this diet so you don’t have to be overwhelmed in the least when it comes to finding a good bread.

Now, these seven products I’m going to share range from whole-grain breads or bread mixes. Some have very few ingredients, while some have quite a few. There’s really no one most delicious bread. Everyone has their own opinions on what’s good and what’s not, so I rounded up this list of seven that I knew for certain would be gluten-free and dairy-free for you.

My goal with this post it round up OPTIONS for you to try… try these out with an open mind, and see if any of them suit your preferences!

Since I know that accessibility is important, I have sourced all of these different breads on Amazon. Of course, with people all over the world reading blogs, I don’t know exactly what stores you’re shopping at and what you have available to you. Since Amazon is available in most areas, it really is a great place to turn for getting gluten-free or dairy-free products that may not be available locally for you.

Here are 7 great gluten-free dairy-free bread brands to check out:

#1. Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

The most readily available gluten-free bread on the market, Udi’s never disappoints. It holds up well to sandwiches and tastes as close to “normal” bread that I have come across. It’s easy to find in a lot of grocery stores and Costco, but the size of bread does run on the small side.

#2. Pamela’s Products Gluten-free Bread Mix

If you like to make your own bread at home and don’t want to pay an arm and an extra leg for packaging, Pamela’s offers this great bread mix that is not only gluten-free, but is non-dairy as well.

#3. Ener-G Foods Yeast-Free Brown Rice Loaf

In addition to being gluten-free, this bread is also yeast-free. So if you’re avoiding yeast of any kind, this is a great option for you!

#4. Kinnikinnick Gluten Free White Soft Sandwich Bread

Here’s another great white sandwich bread to try. Although I haven’t tried it personally, others have mentioned it has a great texture and holds up well for sandwiches.

#5. SCHAR Multigrain Bread

Many women I’ve met through my blog have recommended and rave about this gluten-free bread option. I haven’t tried this one myself, but trust that if others love it, it’s worth trying out.

#6. Katz Gluten Free Sliced Challah Bread

Katz offers a number of great gluten-free and dairy-free options – this bread is no exception. Check this one out if you’re on the hunt for a yummy sandwich bread that you enjoy toasting or warming up before eating.

#7. Schar Naturally Gluten-Free Classic White Bread

If you prefer white over wheat, give this classic white bread a try from Schar. I know many women who have tried this bread and swear by it for their gluten-free dairy-free lifestyle.

Now, I want to challenge you:

I want you to go out and try all of these different breads.

I want you to look through my list, and look at the different descriptions that I’ve written for each one, and maybe try one or two of them. If you decide you don’t like those, maybe try another one or two of them, until you find something you really can start to rely on in your diet.

Finding a replacement or a holdover option to help you start up with this diet, but ultimately you may decide down the road to nix the gluten-free bread altogether. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to go – just find what works for you and what you enjoy.

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With all the options out there, how do you know which gluten-free bread is the best? Better yet, if you're living with a dairy intolerance too - how do you know what bread is dairy-free also? I've got you covered with these top 7 gluten-free dairy-free bread recommendations!

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