Do you have food intolerances to gluten or dairy? If so, be sure to check out these 5 gut-healing supplements to add to your diet and start healing a leaky gut.

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If you have food intolerances, you have probably asked yourself at one point or another “how can I fix this so I can enjoy my favorite foods again??” I don’t know about you, but I asked myself that question for a long time before realizing that there were certain things that I could do to actually help myself in the long run, to (maybe, someday) return to a diet with some gluten and dairy again.

One of those things you can do to help yourself is to start adding certain foods and gut-healing supplements to your diet.

But why do you want to heal your gut anyway?

Well, the main cause of food intolerances is gut impermeability, or a “leaky gut.” Essentially this means that your gut develops teeny tiny holes in it, and foods that you eat wind up passing through your intestinal walls and straight into your bloodstream. Eeew, right?

When this happens, your body sees those foods (or broken down parts of these foods) and starts to fight them off after all, they’re not where they should be in the body, right? Over time, your body starts to identify these foods and food particles as “offenders” as “enemies” and your body sends out white blood cells to attack them, thus developing a defense mechanism to those specific foods. And that, my friend, is often why so many people become intolerant to the foods they eat (and love) the most. With gluten and dairy being so prevalent in our food sources, it makes sense why so many of us are having to go gluten and dairy-free.

So like I said, there are a few things we can do about this “leaky gut” and food intolerance issue…

  • We can work on eating better. We can get the foods out of our diets that seem to be affecting us the most and making us the most sick.
  • We can make sure that we’re treating ourselves right with high quality food, getting enough water, regular exercise, and self-care.
  • Finally, we can eat foods and add other supplements to our diet that can help to heal our gut over time.

These changes may not guarantee any sort of results or changes in the foods that you can eat over time. But know that by doing these small changes, you will start to feel better and have less and less reactions as your gut seals itself up and heals.

In my own research over time, I’ve found that there are five supplements to be the most effective at healing your gut. Check them out below, in no specific order. And as always, please don’t take this as medical advice and consult your doctor before taking any new supplements to understand how any changes may affect you and your body.

5 Gut-Healing Supplements for Leaky Gut and Food Intolerances

1. Probiotics

These are the good bacteria that live in your gut that are so great for your digestive system. Essentially they help keep the not-so-good bacteria at bay, so adding them as a supplement to your diet can help keep your digestion flowing and keep your gut happy.

A good quality probiotic is, is my number one recommendation for anyone who’s switching their diet for digestive reasons. Getting on a good quality probiotic supplement is really going to help you out in the short and long-term.

2. Quercetin

This is a supplement that has been shown to enhance the gut barrier, thus helping to heal gut impermeability or “leaky gut.”

You can find quercetin naturally in fruits, veggies, tea, fruit juice, and red wine. But if you can’t seem to get enough daily or consistently, adding a quercetin supplement is a great idea for improving your gut health.


This is an amino acid found in dietary protein. It’s found in animal and plant proteins, but many of us aren’t getting enough from our diet alone.

Glutamine is essential for your cells and helps to repair a leaky gut, so get on this supplement if you can to heal your gut.

4. Licorice Root

This supplement is an anti-inflammatory herb and works as a natural remedy for leaky gut. It helps heal gut inflammation and that of the mucus membranes.

It’s also helpful for treating gas, bloating, and issues with digestion.

You can find licorice root as a supplement in liquid, powder, or tea forms.

5. Digestive Enzymes

These supplements help to break down foods easier for you than your body might be able to do on their own. Different enzymes break down different foods, but you can find an all-in-one supplement to take before or after a meal to help you digest it better. The brand in the link above you take before meals, and is the one I just sent my mom with off on her three-week vacation to Australia and New Zealand.

I have and use papaya enzymes and they work like a dream when I need a little help digesting. I use this brand and take 3 supplements after a meal.
You can find lots more info on this topic here.

When it comes to healing your “leaky gut” and resolving your food intolerances, there are no guarantees.

However with a few changes to your diet and lifestyle, and with the addition of these few supplements, you may find some improvements in the long run.

Do you use any of these supplements? Have you found any results with them so far? Comment below to share your experiences.

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Do you have food intolerances to gluten or dairy? If so, be sure to check out these 5 gut-healing supplements to add to your diet and start healing a leaky gut.

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