If You & I Were To Sit Down To Coffee… (3 Month Postpartum Update)

If you and I were to sit down to coffee…

I would… drink a decaf drip coffee with almond milk and a splash of maple syrup. I’ve been back on the coffee wagon a few times a week, more for the flavor and change in season than for the caffeine. But nonetheless, I’m enjoying every coffee morning I have. I even tried making my own pumpkin creamer at home, which turned out okay – but nothing to really write home about.

If You & I Were To Sit Down To Coffee (3 Month Postpartum Update) | RachaelRoehmholdt.com

I would tell you… how things feel like they’ve magically gotten easier being a new mom, but really – I think I’m just getting a little better at it. I’m getting better at realizing that my to-do list can wait and there is very little in the day that needs to get done other than taking care of myself and my baby.

I would tell you…that my time breastfeeding my son has become my favorite parts of the day. Even though a good majority of the time, I peruse my phone or read a book on my Kindle, I love the moments when I can look down and see pure satisfaction on my son’s face. Even better are the post-meal snuggles.

If You & I Were To Sit Down To Coffee (3 Month Postpartum Update) | RachaelRoehmholdt.com

I would tell you… that getting out of the house is getting easier. I worry less about him having total meltdowns in public, because I understand that I can actually comfort him in those situations – either by boob or by bouncing him around in my arms. It’s absolutely crazy to me that a little person can (almost always) be comforted so easily. [Read more...]

7 Things Healthy Mamas Do Every Day

Living life as a mama can often feel like you’re leading a circus.

There are a million things going on, so many balls in the air, and not enough time, energy, or attention to focus on catching them all.

As the ringleader of your own circus, it’s easier to just reach for convenience than to make healthy choices most of the time.

Trust me, this is a never-ending battle, even in my world. I want to feel amazing and look fantastic, but the frozen waffles I pass by while grocery shopping look like they could shave at least 15 minutes off the morning routine (a miracle!).

And the Starbucks that’s on the way home from our doctor’s outings are far too tempting when I haven’t had more than 3 hours of sleep the night before (I could REALLY use that boost of caffeine).

But the truth is that I’m a much better mom when I take care of myself.

7 Things Healthy Mamas Do Every Day | RachaelRoehmholdt.com

I feel even better in my skin, in my energy levels, and in my post-baby clothes when I make healthy choices.

Even though the healthy choice isn’t always the easiest, it certainly pays off in the short and long-term for having the body that you crave and the energy you need to be a wonderful parent.

So what does it take to be a mama who makes healthy choices? Here are the 7 things that healthy mamas do every day:

1. Make and take time for yourself

7 Things Healthy Mamas Do Every Day | RachaelRoehmholdt.com

Yep, the hardest one of all. Finding and making time just for you.The truth is it’s hard to find time for yourself as a mom, but it isn’t impossible.

Doing even simple things like getting a shower in, painting your toenails, or taking 5 minutes to meditate (even if it’s in the bathroom with the door locked) can be all you need to get back to your center – and be a healthy, vibrant, and energized mama. [Read more...]

What does mama burnout look like?

Burnout is a common occurrence among mamas with young kids at home. Finding my edge of burnout is something I’m constantly trying to attune myself to.

Even as I write this, I’m sipping a mug of tea while my little fella naps in the other room. This is the time I’d usually use to get things done around the house, but today – I’m giving myself some breathing room.

Some space to get back to me. So that I can feel like myself again – and avoid that feeling of burnout as much as possible.

Because if I’m really being honest: burnout isn’t pretty. It isn’t fun. And it isn’t in alignment with who I want to be as a mom.

What does mama burnout look like? | RachaelRoehmholdt.com

So you’re probably wondering “What in the heck does mama burnout look like anyway?”

Honestly, it could look like a million things. I reached out to a few friends on the topic and have compiled their responses here – in addition to my own.

You’re overwhelmed from the moment you wake up in the morning (for the 5th time, because really, you haven’t slept through the night in ages).

You’re chugging coffee like nobody’s business, because you can’t keep your peepers open after running around after your kiddo all day.

All you want to do is sit on the couch and zone out to one too many episodes of Say Yes To The Dress reruns.

You’re vaguely stressed out every moment of the day – even though you can’t pinpoint the reason.

Your friends, partner, and kid have been calling you “cranky pants” on a regular basis – a joke that is far from funny anymore.

You’re not excited to get up for the day on a recurring basis, because every day feels like the exact same thing – laundry, chores, meals, sleeping, playing.

While you read through each of these, deciding whether or not you may or may not be in this situation yourself – you’re probably thinking “Gosh, no one would want to be around me if that’s what I’m really like.”

Don’t go too far down the rabbit hole, mama.

Getting to the point of burnout, is 100% totally okay. And 100% totally normal.

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