Five Easy Searches for Better Gluten-free Dairy-free Recipes

Five Easy Searches for Better Gluten-free Dairy-free Recipes | RachaelRoehmholdt.comLike you, I’m constantly on the hunt for a good recipe that works with my gluten and dairy (and other) food intolerances.

When I first started creating meals without gluten and dairy, I was completely stuck on what I couldn’t eat. All the pasta and cheese dishes that were calling my name. I was a mess missing cinnamon rolls, pizza, and “real” pancakes.

Instead of trying to figure out what I could eat and focusing on the ingredients that were great options for me, I was totally frustrated that I couldn’t have what I once could.

That was until I figured out how to find healthy substitutions by way of mastering recipe searches online. Now instead of feeling totally deprived, I feel empowered while looking for recipes online that meet my dietary needs.

These days, I’m a pro at finding gluten-free dairy-free recipes, because I know exactly what terms will turn up the best results – and I want to share those with you today.

Whether you’re perusing Pinterest or going through the cookbook aisles at the bookstore, these are the terms you want to look for when on the hunt for healthy gluten-free dairy-free recipes:

Gluten-free dairy-free

Totally obvious, I know. The recipes you’ll find under this name are often with gluten and dairy substitutions. I use this search term for most of my recipe searches and almost always find yummy healthy options for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You’ll still find meat, nuts, and eggs in this category of recipes.

Vegan + gluten-free

I use this search when I’m looking for baked goods or meat-free recipes usually. The main difference between this search term and “gluten-free dairy-free” is the addition of meat, eggs and any other animal products, like honey.


Recipes from this search term will turn up results free from grains (all grains), dairy, refined sugar and often rely heavily on eggs, nuts and healthy fats for flavor. I love using this search term for lunch and dinner recipes, as they’re mostly based around meat and veggies that are made to be good for you – and not leave you lacking in the flavor department.


If you have multiple food intolerances or allergies, this search term will help you pull up recipes that cater to cutting out more than just gluten and dairy. So if you’ve had to remove eggs or nuts from your diet in addition to gluten and dairy, this might be a great search term for finding yummy healthy recipes.

Autoimmune paleo

This is the newest search term I’ve come across. It’s essentially the paleo protocol (no grains, dairy, or sugar) but with the removal of all eggs, nuts, seeds, spices, and nightshade vegetables. This is a great search term that will help you get creative with maximizing flavor even if you’ve had to remove multiple foods from your diet.

Searching recipes doesn’t have to be difficult when you’re living without gluten and dairy – or other foods in your diet. Next time you’re searching for a specific dish, try one of these search terms along with the dish you’re looking for to find creative ways to prepare it (ex: “allergy-friendly cinnamon rolls” or “paleo pasta”).

Now it’s your turn – in the comments below, tell me your best tips for finding healthy and yummy recipes that meet your specific diet requirements. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Gluten-free Dairy-free Crockpot Recipe Roundup

Gluten-free Dairy-free Crockpot Recipe Roundup | RachaelRoehmholdt.comWe’re finally in the home stretch of winter – and you know what that means at my house? Hot and hearty crockpot meals!

Of course, not just any crockpot meals… only gluten-free and dairy-free ones please.

I’ve been doing some serious searching around online – mostly on Pinterest – to find a ton of healthy, one-pot wonder delicious meals. I love crockpot meals, because I can throw everything together in the morning and have ready once my hubby steps out of his home office for the day and into the kitchen to join me and our little fella for dinner.

Here’s a recipe roundup of some healthy hearty crockpot meals to get you through the rest of these few cold weeks ahead:

  • This easy chili recipe is one of our go-to favorites this time of year – it freezes well too!
  • Chinese food in your crockpot? Sign me up! This cashew chicken looks divine!
  • This potato soup recipe has a few ingredients and takes only a few minutes to prep
  • Crockpots aren’t just for dinner anymore – check out this hearty chocolate steel cut oats recipe
  • Mexican food is on our table at least once a week – I can’t wait to try these easy chicken fajitas
  • Mm.. another chili recipe – this time with tomatillos and chicken. This looks amazing!
  • Nothing says winter like a hearty beef stew – give this one a try
  • Another super easy Mexican meal – serve as suggested or on a bed of brown rice

I hope you are inspired to break out your crockpot at least one more time before the weather starts shifting again. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

Now it’s your turn – share in the comments below what your favorite crockpot recipe is!

Top Tips For Taking Care Of Yourself While Breastfeeding

Top 7 Tips For Breastfeeding & Taking Care of YourselfEveryone knows the benefits of breastfeeding for babies. I don’t need to go on and on about how it helps babies develop improved digestion, immunity, and decreases their risk for asthma and allergies. You probably already know all about the benefits for the little ones.

You might even know the benefits to you as a mom for breastfeeding. When I first became pregnant, I was determined to nurse my son – whatever it took, I was going to do it. But the real kicker for me wanting to breastfeed besides helping my son? Knowing that it was going to benefit me too.


Breastfeeding helps women:

  • heal faster postpartum
  • return to pre pregnancy weight quicker
  • lower the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer
  • bond with their babies
  • delay menstruation after giving birth

I’ve got to be honest – I’ve been breastfeeding my son for almost 6 months now and it is not always a walk in the park. The first few days in the hospital were challenging. I saw a lactation consultant three times before leaving the hospital. One nurse told me I had the most sore nipples she’d ever seen. Another nurse recommended completely throwing in the towel and starting in on formula right away.

But I didn’t want to feed my son formula if I didn’t have to. I will be the first to say that whether you can or cannot breastfeed your child – or choose to or not, is perfectly okay and acceptable. We all have to do what’s best for ourselves and our babies. This isn’t meant to isolate those who haven’t or choose not to breastfeed, but to help those who do.

In my six months breastfeeding my son, I’ve gone through the roller coaster of emotions. Some days nursing feels like the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s emotionally satisfying and makes me feel like if nothing else is going well, I can at least provide nourishment to my baby.

Other days, breastfeeding can feel like a burden. It can be frustrating to set aside time to sit and feed. It’s also been stressful (especially in the first few months) of just not knowing when my son would want to eat and feeling trapped into not making many plans for fear that I’d be stuck breastfeeding in a store or in the car instead of enjoying myself.

I’ve also had recurring milk blisters, plugged ducts, blood blisters, and yes – the dreaded “m” word that all breastfeeding moms cringe at the thought of. Mastitis.

In this time that I’ve been feeding my son, what’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned?

That I need to take care of myself first.

I need to be in tip top shape in order for my body to produce the milk that it needs to. Now that I’ve had a few months of breastfeeding under my belt, here are the things that I can tell you make all the difference:

My Top 7 Tips For Taking Care of Yourself While Breastfeeding

Drink lots of water

At least 10 glasses per day – even more if you can. I really struggle with remembering to drink my water now that my son is here, but a quick and easy way to remember – even in the middle of the night – is to drink three big gulps at the beginning and end of a nursing session. I also found that carrying around a water bottle wherever I go is vital.
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