Three Ways To Love The Body You Have Right Now

If you’re reading this, you probably have found yourself staring at a scale wondering how in the world numbers on a little electronic device could shatter your confidence in an instant.

Or maybe how putting on a pair of too-tight jeans could shift your mood from happy-go-lucky to down-in-the-dumps in one minute flat.

Maybe you’ve even found yourself staring in the mirror before your shower, poking and prodding at all your “trouble spots” wishing that “if only x, y, and z were true, THEN I’d be happy…”

How do I know all this?

The answer is twofold – first, as a holistic health coach, I’ve worked with many women who do these things regularly and come to me with a mindset stuck on self-loathing and a desire to get out of it.

Second, I used to be one of those people – and if I’m being really honest, I’m still one of those people once in a while.

While it’s easy to keep that negative energy flowing in and out of our lives each and every day, what’s maybe a little harder is coming to the realization that we are exactly who we are meant to be in any given moment.

Love The Body You Have |

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5 Ways To Use Exercise To De-stress & Relax

As mamas, our lives our hectic. At any given moment, we can be changing diapers, breaking up fights, making lunch, being a human milk dispenser, and cleaning up the house all at once. We have a million things running through our brains and not enough time to tackle them all. Stress is all too common in any at-home mama’s life – but what can we do to help it?

It’s easy: Get moving. Exercise. Workout.

Whatever you want to call it, exercise is one of the easiest ways to calm down, de-stress and relax. Plus, burning a few extra calories and sweating it out while you chill out is the cherry on top. Next time stress starts creeping up on you, set aside 15 minutes to use exercise to your advantage and get back to your zen lickety-split.

These five exercises are as reliable as your little guy or gal finding a permanent marker the moment you buy a piece of brand new white furniture – and the ones that I always turn to before, during, or after a stressful day.

All five of these exercises will help relax your mind and muscles and get you to chill out so you can feel your best. Get in the habit of coming back to any one of these – or any of your other favorite exercises – to get relaxed and de-stressed any time of day.

1. Yoga

Yoga is the combination of movement and breath. Take 15 minutes to focus on your breath while moving your body. Some great de-stressing yoga poses are ones that challenge you, but also help you take your mind off any racing thoughts. Try sun salutation sequences, cat-cows, and a few breaths in child’s pose. Find a few of your own favorite poses and make the most of your relaxation time. [Read more...]

5 Ways I’m Taking Care Of Myself In My Last Weeks of Pregnancy

I’m in my 38th week of my pregnancy and boy, can I tell you that I’m just about ready for it to be over! My little fella kicks me all day long, his rolls and wiggles are starting to hurt, and all the extra blood flow hasn’t been helping me get through the summer weather so far.

I’m not complaining though. In fact, I’ve been doing my best to slow down and take care of myself during these last few weeks of pregnancy. I know he can come at any time, so I’d rather be relaxed and ready than stressed out and miserable.

You probably already know that self-care is a pretty big deal to me. I even teach an online course to find the time to make it happen for moms. Which is why I’ve been slowing down and really focusing in on doing things that will keep me calm and cool before this little baby enters my world.

These are the 5 ways I’m taking care of myself in my last weeks of pregnancy:

1. Sleeping in and taking naps

Sleeping in to prepare for labor|

Even though great sleep has been elusive for me for weeks with bathroom trips every two hours during the night and sweating it out in the summer heat, I’ve been trying to sleep in when I can and get naps during the day.

I know that even though I’m not getting great sleep now, I’ll probably spend even more time up and at ‘em when my little guy is here. I’m doing my best to rest up my body and keep him happy and cooking as long as possible. [Read more...]