4 Questions About GFDF Living

I get a lot of questions about living a gluten-free dairy-free life via email, my blog, and over on my private Facebook group. These questions span a wide array of topics – everything from specific recipe requests to how to live with autoimmune disease. Go figure, right? I write a blog dedicated to living without the gluten and dairy…

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Truth be told, I totally thrive on the challenge of answering questions. It keeps me on my toes and I LOVE to be helpful in whatever way that I can. So this weekend, when I logged on to Facebook and saw there were a number of questions posted, I got a little bit giddy and thought…

“Hey, let’s do something different! I’ll record my responses on video instead of just pounding away at the keys some more.”

So that’s what I did. I downloaded an app (and also set up my very own YouTube channel) and started responding.

I want to start doing more of these on-the-fly sort of Q&A’s when time allows for it, because I know that for every one person who asks the question, there are probably 20 more who aren’t asking but wondering the same thing.

Without further ado, here are four awesome questions – and my video responses – about GFDF living. Enjoy!

Question 1 from Treasure:

What’s the number one step in reversing Hashimoto’s or autoimmune disease?

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I used to spend $1200 a month on food

I used to spend well over $1,000 per month on groceries.

For two people (and more recently a baby).

In fact, I even neared $1,200 twice in the past year or so. Ugh.

The truth is that I never meant to spend that kind of money on food. I went to the store, even with a shopping list in-hand and bought to my hearts content.

I bought what looked good, what seemed like a good idea in the moment checked off my list, added a few odds and ends, and headed to the checkout line.

It wasnt until I got to the end of the month when I looked at our finances that I realized just how quickly my spending added up.

The first time it happened, I thought oh wow, I guess I just need to pay closer attention to what Im putting in the cart.

Then when it happened again, I vowed to myself that Id actually DO something about it.

Ive spent years planning my meals, shopping smartly, and learning how to save properly on good quality food. But even with a gluten-free dairy-free diet, my strategies didnt take me as far as they used to.

With this lifestyle, I have to pay even closer attention to how I shop, how I plan my meals and snacks, and optimize my monthly food budget to save even more.

With a few months of really getting serious about my spending, Im now saving hundreds of dollars a month.

It was time that I walked my talk and now, Im ready to share with you all that Ive learned. Some strategies Ive carried over from my pre-GFDF life, and others are brand new.

All of them Im ready to get into your hot little hands, so you can do some serious shopping and saving too.

With a GFDF lifestyle, its inevitable that if you dont pay attention to what you toss in your shopping cart, your grocery shopping bills will skyrocket. And you wont know what to do about it.

See how your dollars can go farther, how you can shop smarter, and how you can save even more with my new GDFF Money-Saving Action Guide.

This ebook will be available on July 31st, but Im offering the opportunity pre-order at a pay-what-you-can price (with a minimum of $5). The price will be $17 once widely available at the end of the month.

If youre ready to save some money while still eating whats right for your body, snag your copy of this new ebook now before the price goes up!

Dairy-free Yogurt? It Can Be Done!

I love yogurt. Plain and simple. Any flavor. Any time.

As a kid, one of my favorite foods in my packed lunches (yes, I was one of “those” kids who always brought her lunch from home – and in a brown paper bag no less) was little yogurt cups that my mom sent with me. Once I was to the age that I could start picking out the different items that filled my brown lunch bag, yogurt became a regular staple.

As an adult, I learned about the health benefits of yogurt and how the probiotics contained in good quality yogurt can actually help your digestion and gut health. I already loved the flavor and texture of yogurt, so these healthy facts just won me over more.

Eat more yogurt AND stay healthy? No problem here.

Of course, once I started having issues with dairy, aside from cheese – yogurt was one of the foods I missed the most. This staple on my grocery list every week sadly disappeared as it gave me more digestive issues than benefits.

Over the past couple of years, being dairy-free has sparked a new trend in the food industry – which is great for those of us who avoid it. There are a ton of non-dairy products on the market – and dairy-free yogurt is one of them. Now, we can stay away from the dairy and still reap the benefits of the good-gut-probiotics and creamy flavor that we’ve come to love.

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