What I Learned While Strutting My Stuff In A Bikini… While 7 Months Pregnant

Picture this: a 7-month old pregnant woman strutting her stuff around the beach in a bikini.

That was me just a few months ago while on our babymoon getaway in Hawaii just 11 weeks before our little guy arrived into the world.

When my husband, Tyler, and I were planning this long-awaited trip, I informed him that I wouldn’t be one of those women who covered up her body with a big one-piece with a skirt or a big-old T-shirt. I would show off my body – at 7 months pregnant – loud and proud.

In my mind, covering up my body showed that I just had some major body image issues – and that I, even with an extra 15 pregnancy pounds - plus a bulbous belly still didn’t have anything to hide from the world.

So I bought myself a brand new bikini – in a bigger size than my older one, with wider straps for my growing “girls”, and a little more coverage than my previous string bikini that very rarely saw the light of day in summers past.

When people I knew asked if I was going to flaunt my belly on the beach when I got to Hawaii, I said “heck yeah! I can’t hide it, so I might as well show it off!”

And that’s exactly how it all went down. Tyler and I got to Hawaii and I unpacked my brand-new never-been-worn bikini and put it on like I still had the same frame I did a year prior.

What I Learned While Strutting My Stuff In A Bikini... 7 Months Pregnant | RachaelRoehmholdt.com

Over the next few days when I was on the beach, I noticed I was starting to get “looks” from many different women.

I noticed it right away… a curious look here, a casual glance there… a full on up-and-down stare-down while in the elevator. It wasn’t my imagination – people were STARING at me. [Read more...]

How much do health coaches make?

How much do health coaches make | RachaelRoehmholdt.com

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about becoming a holistic health coach or signing up for the health coach training program with the Institute For Integrative Nutrition® is how much health coaches make or what the average salary is for being a health coach.

The amount that a health coach can make varies widely, so giving a specific answer is very difficult. For example, the amount that a person can make as a holistic health coach depends on how much time they spend coaching and marketing, whether it is part-time or full-time.

It also depends on how big their target market is – so if you specialize in working as a health coach to corporate executives, you may make a different amount than those who specialize in coaching college students.

As a holistic health coach, one of the best parts of going through the health coach training program with the Institute For Integrative Nutrition® is that you get to create your own business and determine your own rates, hours, and have the flexibility and freedom of how and when you coach. With that, you are ultimately responsible for how much you make as a health coach and business owner.

You may also choose to be hired as a health coach for a wellness center, gym, or work in another office alongside other wellness professionals – such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, or massage therapists. In this case, how much you make could be based on your client load or a fixed salary for your hours worked each week. Again, this varies based on how often you work and what the going rate is for this type of service where you live.

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How I Saved Myself Hours In The Kitchen With Freezer Smoothie Packs

You know when you get into the mood to make a super healthy meal, but you don’t have the time or motivation to make it happen?

Yeah, that happens to me all too often. In fact, while I try to make healthy choices most of the time – I almost always choose what’s fast over what’s healthy.

Which means that in my house the healthy options need to be fast. This last week, I discovered something that will ultimately save me hours of time in the kitchen – and it isn’t complicated at all!

So what did I do?

I prepared a bunch of smoothie ingredients all at once so that instead of taking the 5 to 15 minutes to prep fruits and veggies each time I want one, I can grab a bag out of my freezer, drop the ingredients into my blender, add some water or almond milk and turn it on.

In no time flat, I’ll have a smoothie ready for me and my hubby (and maybe even a second helping for later).

Freezer Smoothie Packs | RachaelRoehmholdt.com

While prepping fruits and veggies for a smoothie isn’t complicated, having that one extra step taken out of the equation makes getting a healthy snack or breakfast is that much easier. Even just a few minutes regained in my life is worth it to me right now with my little guy running er, laying around.

If you want to save yourself hours in the kitchen like me, here are a few tips for making smoothie packs of your own for easy grab-and-go healthy breakfasts and snacks:

Think through approximately how many freezer smoothie packs – or servings – you want to make.

I had an idea that I wanted each of my freezer smoothie packs to contain enough ingredients for at least myself and my husband to have one serving. If there was a little extra, no big deal and we could have that as a snack later in the day or the next morning. I ultimately landed on roughly 10 servings, knowing that it might not come out perfectly depending on how far I could stretch my produce. [Read more...]