If you can’t eat gluten or dairy, what can you eat?

You know that removing these two culprits from your diet will make you feel a million times better. And yes, you want to listen to your body’s symptoms.

But it’s still overwhelming and frustrating to have to change your entire diet.

If you’ve felt to cry at the grocery store since you found out you need to eliminate gluten and dairy for good, you are certainly not alone.

It feels like all of your favorite foods have gluten, dairy, or both. (No more cheese, chocolate, ice cream, or pizza? Not fair!)

Seriously, how does anyone live without bread and cheese?

I know, I know. It sounds impossible, right?

You dread what your future holds: endless rules to follow, new ingredients to learn, and tempting social settings where youll have to turn away that piece of decadent chocolate cake more than once.

What are you supposed to do at restaurants? Parties? On vacation? When you crave a pizza during a Friday night movie marathon?

You know that you want to feel better, but does your gluten- and dairy-free life have to be one of boredom and sacrifice?

When I first went gluten + dairy free, I spent hours on Pinterest curating the best prettiest recipes.

It was fun for about an hour. Until you realize that its impossible to base a lifestyle off of great photography of cauliflower pizza.

Yes, there are wonderful articles out there to help you with specific struggles.

And yes, there are tons of drool-worthy gluten- and dairy-free recipes online (though you can never know for sure which ones will pan out).

But what I found through my experience is that Pinterest boards does not a lifestyle make.

I learned the hard way that a few pins from random sources can’t possibly teach you everything you need to know to embrace this new way of life.

One go-to gluten-free recipe cannot help you navigate the awkward situations that arise when you go gluten + dairy free: social gatherings, vacations, travel.

You need a clear, concise lifestyle plan that will help you embrace your food intolerances and enjoy eating more than ever before.

I know its cliche to say, but this is not just a diet — its a lifestyle makeover.

You can conquer your pesky digestive issues and the many other symptoms that you may be dealing with (like the annoying brain fog, cystic acne, and constant inexplicable exhaustion).

You can effortlessly put meals together that make you feel your best.

You can eat out at restaurants without feeling paranoid that your salad dressing has the wrong ingredients.

Most importantly, you can eliminate your cravings for gluten + dairy so that you’ll never feel deprived or sick ever again.

I’ve put everything I wish I’d known when I first became gluten and dairy-free into my new course:

I’m taking you behind the scenes to teach you exactly what I’ve done to create an easy, streamlined, fun gluten + dairy free lifestyle.

You’ll learn…

  • The basic science of your intolerances so that you feel empowered to commit to this lifestyle.
  • How to prepare quick + easy healthy foods that are naturally gluten free and dairy free.
  • What to buy at the grocery store to be prepared for gluten- + dairy-free meals and yummy snacks!
  • The gluten-free and dairy-free products that you should never buy.
  • The gluten- and dairy-free guide to dining out without a glitch. Have just as much fun and eat just as deliciously as ever before.

The GFDF Lifestyle Course contains 5 distinct modules:


Lets talk about gut health! When you understand the science, it’s easier to make decisions without reading an encyclopedia first!

  • What’s the difference between allergies and intolerances? Here’s what it means for YOU.
  • The ridiculously important role your gut health plays in your overall health.
  • What are your symptoms? I’ll show you how gluten and dairy react in the body so you can become your own detective.
  • Where are gluten and dairy hiding in your food? You do not want to find this out by trial and error.



What can you eat on a gluten- and dairy-free diet? This module will answer that question!

  • Is your new diet a wakeup call? Learn how the transition to a gluten-free, dairy-free life can be a great opportunity for your health.
  • Learn about the naturally gluten-free foods you can eat whenever you want. (Some of my favorite snacks!)
  • Should you buy gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives? Get the skinny on those products.
  • Get my list of go-to gut healing foods and supplements.
  • Eat gluten or dairy by accident? Find out my tricks for treating your symptoms fast.



It’s time to stock your kitchen and learn gluten + dairy-free food prep secrets!

  • Find out the details on how to stock your kitchen for easy, healthy gluten-free, dairy-free eating.
  • Save time and energy with menu planning! Learn about the basics of menu planning to get ahead while living a gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle.
  • Discover how to get ahead with meal times with prep sessions and freezer meals.
  • Get inspired with clever kitchen hacks for eating gluten-free, dairy-free meals without deprivation.



Grocery shop with confidence. Find out what to buy, what to leave on the shelves, and how to save money while eating gluten and dairy free.

  • Learn the importance of ingredient lists and how to read them.
  • Discover how to be a smart shopper and save time at the grocery store.
  • Find out how to save time + money while eating gluten-free and dairy-free.
  • Learn the many names of gluten and dairy so you know exactly what to avoid.
  • Discover where to shop for the best gluten- and dairy-free options.



In this module, you will become armed with the knowledge of how to dine out confidently. You’ll learn what to order, what to stay away from, and how to always be sure you have options while eating out of the house.

  • Learn 5 specific strategies for dining out so you always feel confident finding options at any restaurant.
  • Discover how to navigate menus to find the most gluten-free, dairy-free options while dining out.
  • Find out how to deal with social settings so you never go hungry or feel like the odd one at the party.
  • Learn travel strategies for sticking with your gluten-free, dairy-free diet while traveling.



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